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Mission Statement: SEZARC is a group of zoos, aquariums, and conservation centers focusing on solutions for reproductive challenges to support self-sustaining populations of endangered species in managed care and in the wild.

We provide a unique opportunity for the zoo and aquarium community, acting as an interface between scientists, veterinarians and animal managers using research science as an applied conservation management tool.

Working with modern, forward-thinking zoos, aquariums, and wildlife preserves, we provide solutions to reproductive challenges, including pregnancy and fertility checks, assisted reproductive techniques and contraception. Importantly, the science of reproduction is a focus, so reproductive challenges are approached scientifically and methodically, generating knowledge databases for diverse endangered species that are then shared with the zoological and scientific community.

A SEZARC staff member with her back turned observes a mother bison feeding her calf in a field
SEZARC is dedicated to preserving endangered and rare species through reproductive science.

SEZARC recognizes the importance of zoos, aquariums, and wildlife centers in educating us about the value of conservation. For many species, zoos and aquariums are their only home because of insufficient habitat in the wild or overhunting/overfishing. With just a fraction of a population in managed care, sometimes successful breeding programs can be difficult to establish. We work with the animal keepers and veterinarians to help the animals breed and produce offspring. To do this, we work with zoological institutions all around the world, as well as universities and government agencies.

Board of Directors

  • William Foster, DVM
    Retired Director, Birmingham Zoo
    Chair of the Board
  • Barbara Kerchner
  • Adine Nicholson
    Director of Development & Operations, American Association of Zoo Veterinarians Treasurer
  • Margo McKnight
    President and CEO, Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society
  • Nicola Nichol, CFA
    Financial Strategies of Amelia
  • Peggy Sloan
    Chief Animal Conservation Officer, Shedd Aquarium
  • Francine Rattner, VMD 
    Veterinary Research Consultant, SEZARC
  • Alistair Dove, PhD
    Chief Executive Officer, Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History
  • Peter Hansen, PhD
    Distinguished Professor and L.E. “Red” Larson Professor, University of Florida
  • Linda Penfold, PhD
    Executive Director, SEZARC