Basic Biology

One of our challenges in working with endangered species is that we know very little about their basic biology. We know a lot about cats and dogs, cows, pigs and horses, but how do you know when an elephant is in estrus? Or when a giant eland has reached puberty?

Studying some of the basic reproductive biology of a species allows us to learn information about that animal that helps us to better understand their requirements for reproduction or contraception. What we are learning is that each species is unique in their biology, and we need to study them carefully to solve breeding or other reproductive problems.

We can design and implement scientific projects that will investigate key reproduction questions, such as: is a species a seasonal breeder? How do we tell if the animal has reached reproductive maturity? Generating this basic information about a species allows us to develop more sophisticated approaches to solving reproduction challenges, such as diagnosing pregnancy or finding an appropriate contraception.

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