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Adopt a Sperm™

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Why Adopt a Sperm?

Every day, all throughout the animal world, millions of sperm are going to waste, swimming their way to fruitless oblivion.

These sperm, if properly collected and stored, could be used to help save the planet’s endangered species from extinction. Once they are in a frozen sperm bank, important genes are stored for the future.

We are on a mission to do just that — and we’re hoping you’ll be able to help our sperm-collecting efforts.

Certificate of Adoption

By adopting a sperm you’re not actually going to receive a frozen animal sperm in the mail.  Instead, all adopters will be parent in name and spirit only.  Your donation will help support our efforts to properly store and maintain sperm of endangered species in scientifically appropriate facilities until a prime candidate for impregnation is found.

All donors will receive a link to a Certificate of Adoption that they can print, frame and proudly display.