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SEZARC is pleased to welcome three summer interns to our White Oak lab starting in May!

Students from Colorado State, Washington State, and North Carolina State Universities will be working with us.  Using enzyme immunoassay techniques, they will characterize anoa estrous cycles, study reproduction and metabolism in elasmobranchs, and assist us in identifying the reproductive status of animals at our member institutions.  They will also dive into the scientific literature to […]

Sand Tiger Sharks Arrive at Marineland Dolphin Adventure

In partnership with Georgia Aquarium, sand tiger sharks from the Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium, and Ripley’s Aquariums have just moved to Marineland Dolphin Adventure!  This is a major step in facilitating natural breeding in the aquarium-managed sand tiger shark population.  SEZARC is working with these aquaria to learn more about sand tiger shark behavior and […]

SEZARC will be ALL OVER central Florida the week of 7 November!

While the politicians wrap-up their campaigns, SEZARC’s campaign to save endangered species several million sperm at a time never rests!  The entire SEZARC team is on the move to collect and bank semen from various species at institutions across central Florida!  Dr. Jen and Kim will be at Marineland to collect semen from sand tiger […]

SEZARC works with Florida FWC to Save the Panther

SEZARC has been working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for over a decade to monitor semen quality in Florida panthers following the introduction of genes from Texas panthers into the population to save the subspecies.  Take a look at a recent article about this important work:…

SEZARC’s involvement in a multi-institutional OCEARCH expedition

SEZARC’s Jen Wyffels spent three days with the OCEARCH crew last week off the coast of North Carolina looking for sand tiger sharks.  While no sand tigers were caught, Jen was able to work with several of our SEZARC members, including North Carolina Aquariums, Florida Aquarium, and Georgia Aquarium, as well as other collaborators, to […]

SEZARC on the Road!

Our lab manager, Cayman Adams, spent last week at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia learning how to use high performance liquid chromatography. We are excited to have her bring this technique back to our labs to increase the accuracy of our work.Our field biologist, Justin Birkhoff, and UNF intern, Marcus Aquino, […]

SEZARC Welcomes New Lab Tech!

As SEZARC’s membership expands, we enjoy increased opportunities to assess reproductive function in a greater variety of species than ever before!  With this additional work, we have hired a new part-time lab tech, Kim Daly-Crews, to keep things marching forward in our lab at the University of North Florida.  Kim was a student intern with us for […]

Lecture to Benefit SEZARC Shark Research

Chris Fischer, Expedition Leader and Founding Chairman of OCEARCH, gave a conservation lecture at the Audubon Nature Institute on December 3, 2015.  Attendees learned how OCEARCH is working to save sharks and other keystone marine species.  Additionally, proceeds from the event’s silent auction went to SEZARC to aid in the shark research that we are […]

Sand Tiger Shark Reproduction Workshop

On December 1 and 2, SEZARC co-hosted the Sand Tiger Shark Reproduction Workshop with the Florida Aquarium and Conservation Breeding Specialist Group at White Oak Conservation Holdings. The workshop was organized to bring together aquarium directors, managers, veterinarians, and researchers working on sand tiger shark reproduction in the U.S. and develop a long-term strategy to […]

SEZARC is Presenting at Two Major International Conferences!

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums Annual Conference this September in Salt Lake City, Utah will be lucky to have University of North Florida interns Kim Daly-Crews and Lizbeth Morilla!  Both students worked with SEZARC on research projects during the last year, and this conference will be the culmination of their hard work!  Kim will […]