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SEZARC Updates

It’s all about Pygmy Hippos this Summer!

Dr. Gabriella Flacke, from the University of Western Australia, will be working with SEZARC this summer to investigate stress, welfare, and reproductive parameters of pygmy hippopotamus!  Dr. Flacke is the Pygmy Hippo Species Survival Plan Veterinary Advisor for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and she is conducting this research as part of her PhD.  The study includes endocrine analyses of samples from pygmy hippos living at 12 different zoos throughout the United States.  In addition to characterizing the basic reproductive endocrinology of the species, Dr. Flacke hopes to identify factors that are important for reproductive success and overall well-being in pygmy hippos.  She will be based at the SEZARC lab at the University of North Florida where students will have the opportunity to assist her with this important investigation.