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SEZARC Updates

‘MOSH After Dark’ series

SEZARC Director Linda Penfold gave a presentation during the Museum of Science and History’s “MOSH After Dark” seminar series on the importance of conservation.

Linda Penfold, PhD., Director of SEZARC, was the featured speaker at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH) for the program “MOSH After Dark: Speaking of Extinction” on August 23. The program, designed to complement the museum’s traveling exhibit “A T. Rex named Sue”, highlighted Dr. Penfold’s work in reproductive technology. Linda informed the audience how she uses conservation strategic planning and reproductive health techniques to help solve issues that threaten the survival of rare and endangered species.

Tracking the ovulation patterns of an Okapi is all in a day’s work for Dr. Penfold and her team. This type of work can help result in a successful pregnancy and help ensure the survival of the species. Other times it, involves controlling an overpopulation of animals. Attendees saw a video of an elephant getting a vasectomy.