Gerenuk semen importation

The gerenuk is a medium-sized gazelle found in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Somalia). They are uniquely adapted to their environment by the ability to stand bipedally to browse the higher branches of trees.

Studies have shown that the captive population of gerenuk in the U.S. would benefit from the introduction of new genetic material to maintain optimal health. SEZARC is working to develop semen importation protocols whereby semen can be collected from wild Kenyan gerenuk and imported into the U.S. to use in artificial insemination studies. To ensure the success of the project, the basic reproductive biology of the species first had to be determined. A database of information has been gathered and published in a scientific journal, and recently artificial insemination (AI) studies produced the first gerenuk calves when four of six females inseminated gave birth to four calves. Importation protocols designed for gerenuk will also be able to be used for other endangered antelope species, maximizing the efforts of this project.

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