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SEZARC Updates

SEZARC will be ALL OVER central Florida the week of 7 November!

While the politicians wrap-up their campaigns, SEZARC’s campaign to save endangered species several million sperm at a time never rests!  The entire SEZARC team is on the move to collect and bank semen from various species at institutions across central Florida!  Dr. Jen and Kim will be at Marineland to collect semen from sand tiger sharks.  We have been working to crack the cryopreservation code for sand tiger shark semen as part of a larger sand tiger shark conservation initiative.  Dr. Lara and Cayman will be at Lowry Park Zoo to collect semen from a Florida panther and an African elephant.  SEZARC has a long history of working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to document changes in Florida panther semen quality following the introduction of genes from Texas panthers into the endangered Florida population.  Last but not least, Dr. Linda will be at Micanopy with Dr. Monica Stoops from Cincinnati Zoo’s Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife to collect semen from a greater one-horned rhinoceros.  Good luck team!  May the sperm swim fast and straight!