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What We Do

Workshop Coordination and Facilitation

Workshops provide fantastic forums for brainstorming and generating new ideas and strategies for a wide range of topics. Ensuring a road map for the work to be undertaken is obtained by the end of the day is crucial if the ideas discussed are to be useful.

SEZARC staff are trained in the art of facilitation and are often asked to assist with workshops. To date, we have facilitated four workshops for the Sand Tiger Shark Consortium, as well as workshops for the Perdido Key beach mouse and zebra shark conservation. We have also assisted institutions with strategic planning and have risen to the challenges of remote-working by conducting virtual strategic planning sessions using tools such as MURAL and Zoom, for North Carolina Aquariums, NaturesSAFE and Institute for Advancement of Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM).

For more details on how SEZARC can assist with workshop facilitation and strategic planning contact