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Turner Enterprises and Birmingham Zoo join SEZARC

Two new institutions have partnered with SEZARC. Turner Enterprises, Inc are using the hormone analysis service to investigate the potential effects of predator stress on bison herd health. This project uses non-invasive fecal hormone monitoring to measure a stress hormone, cortisol, in bison. Information generated may then be used to better manage bison. Birmingham zoo […]

North Carolina Zoo joins SEZARC

SEZARC is happy to welcome our newest member to the consortium, the North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro, NC. The North Carolina Zoo, who will be joining in May, has an extensive animal collection including many hoofstock and pachyderm species. Their interest in white rhinos and African elephants fits well with ongoing studies.

Ethiopian veterinarians join SEZARC

Two Ethiopian veterinarians, Drs. Alemayehu Lemma and Fekede Regassa, joined SEZARC to learn advanced reproductive techniques and genome resource banking to help save the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf. Dr. Lemma (from Addis Abababa University, Debre Zeit ) and Dr. Regassa (Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority) were hosted and trained by Dr. Penfold at White Oak Holdings. Their […]