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SEZARC Updates

Turner Enterprises and Birmingham Zoo join SEZARC

Two new institutions have partnered with SEZARC.

Turner Enterprises, Inc are using the hormone analysis service to investigate the potential effects of predator stress on bison herd health. This project uses non-invasive fecal hormone monitoring to measure a stress hormone, cortisol, in bison. Information generated may then be used to better manage bison. Birmingham zoo joined SEZARC this year with a goal to better understand the reproductive biology and social dynamics of African bull elephants. Other conservation projects may target local native wildlife species – watch this space for new studies in 2012!

Planned for 2012:

Following on from last year’s visit to Ethiopia for capacity training of veterinarians, SEZARC is hosting two veterinarians as part of a collaborative effort between SEZARC, IBREAM, WildCRu and the Ethiopian government to preserve the Ethiopian wolf. Our Ethiopian guests will spend two weeks in July learning techniques for genome resource banking of canids.